Frequenty Asked Questions

For Artists

Zero commission means that you retain the full selling price of your artwork, minus any applicable transaction fees. Gallerie does not take a percentage of your sales, ensuring you maximize your earnings.

Once a buyer confirms receipt of the artwork, or after a specified verification period, funds held in escrow are released and transferred to your account. This process ensures security for both parties.

You have five business days from the time of purchase to ship your artwork. You must provide a tracking number once the item is shipped, which helps protect you and the buyer and ensures transparency throughout the transaction process.

Simply create an account, set up your profile, and you can start listing your artwork by uploading high-quality images and detailed descriptions. Choose categories that best represent your art to maximize visibility.

Yes, Gallerie is a global platform. You can list and sell your artwork internationally. Be sure to provide applicable shipping costs and any international duties.

Yes, we highly encourage sharing your Gallerie profile and artworks on social media. This not only helps you grow your fanbase but also increases your chances of gaining international acclaim. Each artwork and profile page on Gallerie includes easy-to-use sharing options that link directly to your social media platforms, helping you promote your work widely and effectively.

For Buyers

Gallerie uses an escrow payment system to hold funds until the artwork is safely delivered and verified by the buyer, providing security and peace of mind throughout the purchase process.

If an artwork does not arrive or is not as described, contact Gallerie support immediately. Our escrow system ensures that your funds are protected while we help resolve any issues with the seller.

Use our search and filter tools to find art by genre, style, price, or location. You can also explore collections curated by Gallerie or browse through artist profiles directly.

Return policies are set by individual artists but are overseen by Gallerie to ensure fairness and satisfaction.

Artists on Gallerie are encouraged to provide detailed descriptions and high-quality images of their artwork. You can also review artist profiles for feedback and previous sales history.

Absolutely! Art is not only a cultural treasure but can also be a valuable investment. As artists gain recognition and acclaim, the value of their artworks can appreciate. Purchasing art from emerging artists on Gallerie gives you a unique opportunity to own a piece of their early work, which may increase in value as their career progresses.

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