Revolutionizing the Art Economy: Empowering Visual Artists with Fair Royalties through Gallerie's Decentralized Platform

Mar 24, 2023


Visual artists such as painters, sculptors, and photographers have long been at a disadvantage when compared to their performing arts counterparts, such as musicians and actors, in terms of royalty earnings. Although their artwork may significantly appreciate in value after the initial sale, many visual artists fail to reap any long-term monetary benefits. This article examines this disparity and explores how Gallerie, a groundbreaking decentralized art platform, is addressing this issue by ensuring fair royalties and ongoing benefits for artists.


Royalty Inequity: Comparing Performing and Visual Arts

Royalties in Performing Arts

Well-established royalty systems in the music and film industries guarantee a continuous income for creators as their work is consumed and appreciated over time. These royalties are paid out for various usage rights, such as public performances, broadcasts, streaming, and physical sales, ensuring the success and sustainability of creators' careers.

The Absence of Royalties in Visual Arts

Contrastingly, visual artists have historically been excluded from ongoing royalties and benefits, even as their work appreciates in value. The initial sale of artwork often signifies the end of an artist's financial stake in their creation, leaving them without additional income as their work changes hands or increases in value on the secondary market. This discrepancy perpetuates a precarious economic situation for many artists who may struggle to support themselves through their creative pursuits.


Gallerie: Bridging the Royalty Gap for Visual Artists

Gallerie, a cutting-edge decentralized art platform, is taking significant steps to address the issue of royalty inequality in the art world. By implementing a transparent and secure royalty system, Gallerie ensures that artists are fairly compensated for their work, even after the initial sale. The platform achieves this through:

Transparent Royalty Tracking with Blockchain

Gallerie creates a transparent and immutable record of an artwork's provenance and ownership history using blockchain technology. This decentralized ledger enables the platform to accurately track and distribute royalties to artists as their work is resold or appreciated in value. Gallerie ensures that royalty payments are secure, tamper-proof, and efficiently processed.

Smart Contracts for Automated Royalty Distribution

Gallerie employs blockchain-based smart contracts to automate the process of royalty distribution, ensuring that artists receive their fair share of earnings as their work changes hands on the platform. These digital contracts automatically calculate and disburse royalties to artists based on predetermined terms, providing a reliable and efficient method of royalty management.

Empowering Artists with Control and Autonomy

Gallerie's decentralized platform empowers artists with greater control over their work, allowing them to set their own royalty terms and conditions. This level of autonomy enables artists to determine the percentage of royalties they wish to receive from secondary sales and to set other parameters that govern the use and distribution of their work.

Connecting Artists and Collectors on a Global Scale

Gallerie creates a global marketplace by connecting artists and collectors from around the world. This increased visibility and access to international markets contribute to the potential for higher royalty earnings as artists gain exposure and recognition for their work.



The enduring challenge of royalty disparity between performing and visual arts demands innovative solutions. Gallerie, with its decentralized platform and forward-thinking approach to royalty management, is poised to revolutionize the art economy and ensure fair compensation for visual artists. By harnessing the power of blockchain technology and smart contracts, Gallerie is creating a more equitable art ecosystem where artists can benefit from the long-term success of their work, fostering greater financial stability and creative freedom. Experience the transformative potential of Gallerie and join our thriving community of artists today.

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